How to Use The Huggsie Pillow

The Huggsie pillow is not just a feeding pillow. It will help your little one during feeding, to add support during sleeping and tummy time, or to ad a different perspective on life and help prop them up! What's more, the Huggsie Pillow grows with your child and offers neck support or just comforting hugs when they are toddlers!


1. To help mummy during feeding:

Some parents (us included!) have found it hard to get to grips with the larger nursing pillows - they are bigger and more awkward and it can already be quite daunting getting used to holding a tiny newborn for the first time, so the last thing you need is to be struggling with a pillow! But because the Huggsie Pillow is smaller, you can easily move and position it so that you and your baby are comfortable. 

Huggsie Pillow Uses

2. To help support your little one when sleeping:

Many hospitals use similar pillows to offer support around the bottom of you baby while they are sleeping in their cot. Every newborn is so used to being nicely snuggled inside mummy's tummy that when they come out into the big world, it can be quite a shock for them. By using the pillow this way, it creates an added comfort by enabling them to feel more snug and secure.

Huggsie Pillow Uses

3. To help support babies during tummy time:

It is good to start getting your little one used to being on their tummy. Not only does it help them develop strong head, neck and shoulder muscles but also helps promote certain motor skills. Tummy time can also prevent the back of their head from becoming flat (positional plagiocephaly). 

During the early stages of tummy time they cannot quite hold themselves up properly. By placing the Huggsie Pillow beneath their chest, so it sits under their armpits and chin, can offer support to avoid their heads being face down on the floor (and therefore avoid them getting frustrated!). Instead it gives them a helping hand and practice for later on when they can hold themselves up without assistance.

Baby Harvelicious Tummy Time


4. To help those little tots that need to sleep more on their side or back:

After birth, babies have soft spots on their heads - the fontanelles. For some time, your baby's head is fragile and when they spend extended amounts of time either laying on their back or side, their head can form differently so instead of a nice round shape, they can either have a flat part on the back of their head, or flat parts on the side. Research has shown that being on their backs is the safest sleep position for babies as it carries the lowest risk of sudden infant death syndrome, and the Huggsie Pillow helps ensure that the little one is secured either side so they cannot roll over. However, if like Harvey your baby has started developing a flat head at the back, when your baby is not asleep, it is best to give tummy time or ensure they are laying on their sides.

We were advised by our nurses to use a towel or pillow to help prevent Harvey from turning back onto his back, as we didn't have any pillow small enough that would do the job. But we found the Huggsie Pillow to be perfect for using it to keep him on his side.

By giving your baby a toy, or putting some baby artwork for them to look at on the side of their cot or play area and alternating sides they lay, is a good way of ensuring that less time is spent on their backs and giving their head a chance to develop correctly.

Baby Harvelicious Side Support

5. To help prop your baby up:

You can also use the Huggsie Pillow to give your baby a new perspective by letting it give assistance to your tot when sitting up or being propped up slightly - they love seeing all the new things going on and feeling like they are part of it.

                       Baby Harvelicious Baby Support Baby Harvelicious Baby Support

6. To help when they are older: 

Finally, as your newborn grows and starts turning into a toddler, why not use the Huggsie Pillow while you are travelling?! Instead of investing in a travel pillow for children, you can just use your Huggsie Pillow as a neck pillow whilst in the car, on the plane or even while resting between travels....that's if baby number two is not on it's way yet and needs the pillow!!

Baby Harvelicious Neck Pillow