About us

Baby Harvelicious About Us

Hi! I’m Laela and welcome to Baby Harvelicious. In a nutshell, we began with an idea for an organic, multi-use baby pillow (that all new parents shouldn’t live without!), The Huggsie Pillow.

From there ideas have flourished and not only do we have our lifestyle guides for home tips, food recipes (that the kids will love too), special highlights, aimed only at you, and plenty of advice to help you out. We are also showcasing our new capsule collections, which feature other products that we love and want to make readily available to all of you too! This collection will be constantly changing, to ensure we pick the very best items!

So whether you are looking for a unique product for your baby/toddler, or are in need of some tips and help being reminded why we should all live our best lives, that doesn’t solely need to be about being a mummy or daddy. Then you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you find something nice and if you need any help, just send me a note to info@babyharvelicious.com.

Laela xo