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Squeezy Feeding Bottle

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This eco product would have made my life so much easier and that is what I love about the capsule collection, it is all about discovering new and useful products and sharing them with you!

No more struggling with feeding on the go or at home, or any contamination,  as the spoon never goes back into your feeding pot after being in your little ones mouth.

Simply fill the bottle attachment with the pureed food of your choice, connect it to spoon top and squeeze to release the food onto the spoon! It's that simple. No mess, no flicking or spilling of food and it comes with a handy bear cap to protect the spoon from any nasty dirt or germs (and make it look very sweet!). It even has a separate inside cap to stop food leaking out once the cap is on, plus a measuring scale so you can keep up with how much your baby has eaten.

Having tested this out, I think it is a super product, I just can't believe it wasn't around when my boys were younger. I was there with a spoon in a glass pot of food for my on the go feeding times, which wasn't the most hygienic or practical; the squeezy feeding bottle would have been a blessing in disguise!


Depending on when you start your baby on solids, this can be used right from the start, up until they start eating food containing bigger chunks  - the spoon allows for small pieces of food to pass through, but not big pieces.

About Me: 

Made from plastic and silicone 

Nitrosamine free/phthalate free/BPA free/PVC free/latex free


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