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Bear Pacifier Feeder

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For every parent, I think it is exciting to start their little one on solids, so can you imagine what it is like for a baby!  It's a very intriguing time and this great accessory is there to help. 

Simply add some mashed fruits, vegetables or purees to the silicon holder and let your child taste something new. You can be at ease because the holes are not big enough to let large pieces or too much food through at once. Great for keeping your little one occupied - especially when travelling! And when your baby has had enough, simply put the cap on to keep it from getting dirty or food spilling out.

What's even better, is that it is so easy to clean. You can take the silicon food holder out, wash it (all!) and we even sell spare silicon pouches to have at hand! 

This handy piece comes in green, blue or pink and two different sizes depending on your child's age.

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Age & Size:

M - for ages 3-6 months
L - for ages 6 months and over

About me:

Strainer net - Silicone

Nitrosamine free/phthalate free/BPA free/PVC free/latex free

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