Every mum, is not just a mum - You can do a lot, with a little

"Every mum, is not just a mum. Let's take some time to focus on our beloved homes, after all, home is where the heart is..."

My husband and I love renovating, him more so the techincal and building stuff and me, the interior! Our current house is now the second property we have renovated and completey changed to make it work for us and what we want and need in a home. Here I will share some tips I discovered along the way and also show you that even with kids in your lives, you can still create and maintain your perfect home - and let me just add, it doesn't mean having a big budget and spending lots of money! You can do a lot with a little...Remember to get in touch at info@babyharvelicious.com for any questions in case I forgot something below or if you need my free help or advice in your home!