The Perfect Bath

I promised I would share some of my favourite products that I use every time I treat myself to a relaxing bubble bath...which is definitely at least once a week by the way! Also bearing in mind we are all quarantined in our homes, it’s the perfect (and probably needed time) to take some relaxing me time before we all go crazy! 

For me, there are 4 key things that I need in every bath time session. Bubbles, at least 1 candle, an amazing smelling body scrub and a rejuvenating face scrub. Throw all of these together and you will have the most relaxing bath and come away feeling refreshed and calm.


I definitely don’t want to be bathing in a tub full of chemicals, which is why I opt for something as natural and organic as possible. I was gifted Neom’s Perfect Night's Sleep Bath Foam and it fills the bath with an amazing aroma of lavender, which definitely helps me to de stress and be filled with peace.


Ideally I go for multiple candles, less is not more in this situation, so don’t be shy. Only go for one scented candle however, you don’t want your senses in overdrive and develop a headache because of too many varied smells. I dim the lights low and add few tea lights around my bigger candles to help create a mellow atmosphere.

Body scrub 

Again this needs to be natural with no nasty bits, and my go to winner is always Neom, the consistency is like any other salt scrub but the smell...the smell ahh, it is sensational and makes my bath time feel like I’ve taken a trip to the spa and heaven! I’m not ready to swap this one to try something new, that’s how much I love it.

Face scrub

We are always told about the importance of exfoliating and as I’ve grown older, I without a doubt make sure I’m following this advice! I have tried hundreds of different scrubs, some feel too harsh on my face and others feel like they aren’t enough. I’ve come to really love using this peeling powder. At first I thought it wasn’t doing anything to my face but after using it daily, I loved the effects and how smooth my skin feels afterwards. Plus, it is does not feel harsh on my skin but the subtle tingle helps to tell me that it’s doing the job!

You can of course add more of your personal favourites...a glass of wine after one of those really bad days or a sneaky chance to catch up with your book that has been collecting dust while you’ve been collecting your nerves after the kids and work! You get the idea...make it a time for you and all your goodies, just remember, kids not allowed!


P.s. If you need personalised tips on your routine or questions I can help answer, just get in touch!