Organising Your Fridge - The Best Tips

You know those amazing photos you see on Instagram or from your favourite celebrities showcasing their immaculate fridges? If you are green with envy and have no idea where to start, then head over to the Container Store and see their step by step tips on how to achieve just that!

Here is the break down of their 7 steps, which they estimate will take you 1/2 a day to complete.

1: Clean out and discard

2: Adjust your shelves

3: Line your drawers and shelves

4: Group like items together

5: Keep snacks front and center

6: Stack to save space

7: Keep it fresh

I am someone who hates when the fridge is messy or dirty, so I really loved implementing these pointers and the most useful most part is that they even have links to handy products you can get your hands on, to help achieve your tidy and organised fridge! Thanks Container Store.