Mum's Area - Keep Out!

This post was inspired by a question I had from Katie in North England.

"Any ideas on how I can create a space just for me? What sort of thing can I do?"

As soon as I read it, I thought about my dressing table, because this is where I go to, knowing it is just a little snippet of space for me and only me! I think if you could grab a small corner, it may be a great idea for you to get something that you are needing. 

I have wanted my own dressing table for some time now, but in our last home I didn’t have enough room to have one, so now we have a bigger bedroom, it was something that I wasn’t missing out on!

I have to be honest though, I mainly do my makeup in the bathroom so don’t use my table that much, but, when I do, it is such a treat because it is my little part of the room that enables me to chose my jewellery, do my make up and hair in peace, all while looking at my favourite pretty little bits and bobs…it somehow adds a smile to my face before heading out for the day. 

Dressing Table Interior

Here is a round up of 4 of the best parts (I think!) 

1: My mouse lamp - absolutely love it! It gives character to the space rather than having a boring desk type lamp. On a personal note my husband calls me mouse, so it adds meaning for me too :)
2: A photograph - of just me and my husband! After all, everything started with just us and being that this is my space, I can definitely get away with making it more personal to me (plus we have lots of photos of the kids around the house so I can be excused for being bit more selfish here.
3: My diffuser - now I’m used to having one, I wouldn’t do without it and I change the essential oils used, depending on my mood or what I need at the time.
4: Little bits and bobs - so my heart to remember to love life, a little delicate dragon fly and bee brooch because why not? They’re just super cute!

I could actually carry on and mention everything in this picture and why it all adds up to make my little personal space, perfect (Ok, just my pink velvet chair I also love, because my husband is not a fan of pink in our bedroom so it was the only piece I could get away with ha!). The point here is, why not make yourself a little area that is just for you and surround it with the little pieces you love the most. Even if you can only spend 5 minutes a day there, those 5 minutes will be so worth it…Me time, don’t forget about it!

It also won’t set you back too much - for more specific advice on example pieces and where to buy them from, just let me know and I will send them over.

Thank you so much for the question Katie and let me know how you get on!