Lettuce Taco's - The Kids will Love!

Lettuce Taco Recipe
I’m not sure why we have such sunny and warm warm weather in April (living in Belgium!) but I am certainly not complaining! Especially during this lockdown, it has been amazing. I love tacos, but its not always the healthiest so I normally switch it out for lettuce, it certainly isn't a new invention but I can't get enough of them, especially in warmer weather. It wasn't something I thought the kids would be interested in, but on sitting in the garden minding my own business and tucking into my taco, they spotted food and ran over (as they do!!). I was shocked but so happy that they liked them...my 5 year old then proceeded to devour 3! So it was a hit to say the least, and a frequent on the lunch time menu...plus its quick and healthy!
Lettuce Taco Recipe

Our Lettuce Tacos

Romaine lettuce (as many was your family need)

Then its any filling that you will all love...Tomatoes, cucumber, avocado (washed and diced), beetroot (it gives a slight sweetness which we all adore). We love adding some flaked tuna, sweetcorn mixed with a squeeze of mayo or even healthier I opt for some greek yoghurt and spice it up by adding salt, peper and paprika powder. But you can also fry off some bacon pieces and chuck that in - simple is often better but go with whatever you fancy.