Laundry Basket Favourites

Here’s the thing, I always thought that I only ever wanted a laundry basket with a lid, because, well, you want to hide your dirty undies right?! Well not necessarily!

We had our previous laundry basket for years (with a lid) and I’ve been looking to replace it for some time. It was a nice one but when you’ve looked at it everyday for what feels like a lifetime, it starts getting old, so on moving to Vancouver it was a great excuse to dump it; it did it’s time and served us well.

A new country, new takes time to find your go to places, so I’ve been hitting amazon a lot as a quick, reliable go to when settling in and I have to say it hasn’t disappointed! In fact, I found it hard to choose one! I ended up forgetting this need for a lid as they weren’t standing up to the size and other “lidless” options (is that even a word?! I’ll roll with it!!). So it boiled down to two main points that had to be ticked off; size and colour design.

To get over having no lid, I wanted the size to be tall enough so that the undies would get lost at the bottom, instead of chilling pride of place near the top and on view to everyone passing by. Secondly, it had to fit in with my colour and design scheme. There are lots of options with writing on or different motifs and the reason why I ruled these out was because of the possibility that it will turn old quite quickly and I’ll get fed up with that. If a design is too specific to that feeling or moment you’re in, it could be a “passing like” instead of one that will stick around for the long haul. Going with the colours and styles that compliment those already in your home is a safe bet and come with less likelihood of you becoming fed up with it.

I actually forgot another decider and that is price! How could I forget that because this was an important point too. When you’re moving or renovating every little thing adds up and boy do they add up quickly; no matter of your situation everyone has a budget.

These are the 5 ones I loved and found it almost impossible to choose between...I ended up going with number 2 and am so glad with my decision. It was a good price and matches the neutral colour scheme of the bathroom with a touch of black to match the accents of our other bathroom accessories. The curved shape also adds a softness to the room and gives another dimension to squared features within it.

Here’s where to get yours…

1 + Neutral Woven Rope Laundry Hamper with Handles - Shop here

Woven Rope Laundry Hamper

2 + Cotton Rope Laundry Basket (I have it in Mix White Grey - check out my Instagram) - Shop here

Woven Laundry Basket

3 + Woven Jute Rope Clothes Hamper : Shop here

Jute Laundry Basket

4 + Wicker Laundry Basket - Shop here

Wicker Laundry Basket

5 + Woven Laundry Hamper with Lid - Shop here

Woven Laundry Basket

I will share some photos on Instagram of the finished result in my bathroom, so head over there if you fancy a look! Share yours too if you pick any of these; I would love to see how they look.