Favourite: Paleo Picks

Favourite: Paleo Picks at the moment are...

1. Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips - an amazingly healthy alternative to potato chips. They are crunchy, savoury and satisfy any snack lover like myself!

2. Good Food for Good - it was so revolutionary for being able to buy a ketchup that is paleo, right from the supermarket shelf! Not only that, but it tastes amazing and has now replaced the kids non paleo ones too! Healthy and tasty...a win win. I've since tried her curry sauce and it was just as delicious.

3. Siete Foods Grain Free Taco Shells - I think we all love Mexican night and moving to Canada and finding a grain free, paleo taco shell that I don't have to make myself, was such a treat. They taste fantastic too and are kid approved. Mexican night just got easier for all paleo eaters out there.

4. Bob's Red Mill Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix - just by adding eggs, coconut oil and water, you have a quick easy mix to whip up for the family this weekend! My kids had no idea they were paleo, because they taste so good! Add your favourite toppings and you have an easy go to breakfast that everyone will love.